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  Beneficial Ingredient   OK Ingredient   Cautionary Ingredient
100% Organic Konjac Flour
A-Amylase Konjac Gum
Acacia Korean Ginseng Root Extractives
Acacia Gum L Acidophilus
Acai L Bifidum
Acesulfame K L Bulgaricus
Acesulfame Potassium L Casei
Acetic Acid L Reuteri
Acetylated Mono And Diglycerides L Rhamnosus
Acetylated Mono- And Diglycerides L-Alanine
Acetylated Monoglycerides L-arginine
Acidophilus L-Arginine Hydrochloride
Activin L-ascorbate-2-polyphosphate
Adenosine Monophosphate L-ascorbic Acid
Adipic Acid L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate
Agar L-Carnitine
Agar Gum L-cysteine
Agar-agar L-cysteine Dihydrochloride
Aka Miso L-Cysteine Hydrochloride
ALA L-cysteine Monochloride
Alanine L-cysteine Monohydrochloride
Algae Extract L-glutamate
Algin L-glutamic Acid
Alginate Gum L-lysine
Alginic Acid L-lysine Monohydrochloride
Alkali L-Methionine
Allyl Isothiocyanate L-proline
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract L-tryptophan
Alpha Amylase L-tyrosine
Alpha Tocopherols Lac-resin
Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Lactalbumin
Alum Lactase
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Lactase Enzyme
Aluminum Sodium Sulfate Lactic Acid
Aluminum Sulfate Lactic Acid Powder
American Ginseng Lactitol
American Ginseng Extract Lactobacilius Bulgaricus
Amla Fruit Lactobacillus Acidophilus
Ammonia Bicarbonate Lactobacillus Casei
Ammonia Caramel Lactobacillus GG
Ammonium Alginate Lactobacillus Plantarum
Ammonium Bicarbonate Lactobacillus Sporogenes
Ammonium Bisulfite Lactose
Ammonium Carbonate Lactylic Stearate
Ammonium Chloride Lard Shortening
Ammonium Hydrogen Carbonate Lecithin
Ammonium Phosphate Leucine
Ammonium Sulfate Levain
Amylase Linoleic Acid
Amylolytic Enzymes Lipase
Anhydrous Locust Bean Gum
Annatto Lutein
Annatto Extract Lutein Zeaxanthin Complex
Anthocyanins Lycopene
Apocarotenal Lysine
ARA M Alpina Oil
Arabic Gum M-Inositol
Arachidonic Acid Maca
Arginine Magnesium
Artificial Magnesium Carbonate
Artificial Color Magnesium Chloride
Artificial Coloring Magnesium Citrate
Artificial Colors Magnesium Hydrogen Phosphate
Artificial Flavor Magnesium Hydroxide
Artificial Flavoring Magnesium Lactate
Artificial Flavors Magnesium Oxide
Artificially Colored Magnesium Phosphate
Artificially Flavored Magnesium Potassium Aspartate
Ascorbic Acid Magnesium Stearate
Ascorbyl Palmitate Magnesium Sulfate
Ashwagandha Malic Acid
Aspartame Maltase
Aspergillus Oryzae Maltitol
Astragalus Maltitol Powder
Astragalus Membranaeus Root Extract Maltitol Syrup
Astragalus Membranes Root Extract Maltodextrin
Astragalus Root Maltose
Autolyzed Yeast Manganese
Autolyzed Yeast Extract Manganese Gluconate
Azodicarbonamide Manganese Oxide
B Bifidum Manganese Palmitate
B Longum Manganese Phosphate
Bee Pollen Manganese Proteinate
Bee Pollen Extract Manganese Pyridoxine
Benzoate Of Soda Manganese Sulfate
Benzoic Acid Manganous
Benzoyl Peroxide Manganous Oxide
Benzyl Alcohol Manganous Sulfate
Beta-apo-8'-carotenal Mannitol
Betacarotene Marigold
Betalains Marigold Extract
BHA Marigold Meal
Bifidobacterium Medium Chain Triglycerides
Bifidobacterium Lactis Melissa Officinalis
Bifidobacterium Longum Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex
Bifidus Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex
Bioflavonoids Menhaden Oil
Biotin Methionine
Bleached Enriched Flour Methyl Paraben
Bleached Enriched Wheat Flour Methyl Silicone
Bleached Flour Methylcellulose
Bleached Wheat Flour Methylcellulose Gum
Blue 1 Microcrystalline Cellulose
Blue 1 Lake Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite
Blue 2 Mixed Soybean Tocopherols
Blue 2 Lake Mixed Tocopherols
Blue Food Color Mixed Triglycerides
Bromelain Modified
Brominated Soybean Oil Modified Cornstarch
Brominated Vegetable Oil Modified Food Starch
Brownulated Sugar Modified Glutamate
Bulgaricus Modified Potato Starch
Burnt Alum Modified Rice Starch
C Cohnii Oil Modified Tapioca Starch
Calcium Modified Vegetable Starch
Calcium Acetate Modified Wheat Starch
Calcium Acid Phosphate Molybdenum Glycinate
Calcium Alginate Mono and Diglycerides
Calcium Ascorbate Monoammonium Glutamate
Calcium Carbonate Monocalcium
Calcium Carrageenan Monocalcium Carbonate
Calcium Casein Peptone-Calcium Phosphate Monocalcium Phosphate
Calcium Caseinate Monocalcium Phosphate Monohydrate
Calcium Chloride Monocalcium Sulfate
Calcium Citrate Monoglycerides
Calcium D-pantothenate Monopotassium Glutamate
Calcium Dioxide Monopotassium Phosphate
Calcium Diphosphate Monosodium Fumarate
Calcium Disodium EDTA Monosodium Glutamate
Calcium Fumarate Monosodium Phosphate
Calcium Gluconate MSG
Calcium Glycerophosphate Muria Puama Root Extract
Calcium Hydroxide Mycoprotein
Calcium Iodate Natamycin
Calcium Lactate Natural Plant Sterols
Calcium Lactate Gluconate Neotame
Calcium Monophosphate Niacin
Calcium Oxide Niacinamide
Calcium Pantothenate Nicotinamide
Calcium Peroxide Nicotinic Acid
Calcium Phosphate Nitrogen
Calcium Phosphate Tribasic Nitrous Oxide
Calcium Phosphates Non-GMO
Calcium Propionate Nucleotides
Calcium Pyrophosphate Nutraflora
Calcium Pyruvate Oleic Acid
Calcium Saccharin Oleo Paprika
Calcium Silicate Oleoresin
Calcium Sodium Caseinate Olestra
Calcium Stearate Oligofructose
Calcium Stearoyl Lactylate Omega Fatty Acids
Calcium Sulfate Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Calendula Omega-9 Fatty Acids
Candelilla Wax Organic
Canola Oil Shortening Organically Grown
Canthaxanthin Organically Grown And Processed
Capsicum Ortho Phosphate
Caramel P Candidum
Caramel Color P Roqueforti
Caramel Color Flavoring Palm Fruit Oil
Caramel Dye Palm Kernel Oil
Carbohydrate Gum Palm Oil
Carbon Dioxide Palm Olein Oil
Carboxymethyl Cellulose Palm Shortening
Carmel Color Panax Ginseng
Carmine Panax Ginseng Extract
Carnauba Wax Panax Ginseng Extracts
Carnitine Panax Ginseng Root Extract
Carnitine Fumarate Pantothenic Acid
Carob Bean Gum Papain
Carotenal Paprika Extract
Carotene Partially Hydrogenated
Carotenoids Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
Carrageenan Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup
Carrageenan Gum Paullinia Cupana
Casein Pectin
Casein Hydroloysate Penicillium
Caseinate Penicillium Candidum
Cellulose Penicillium Roqueforti
Cellulose Fiber Petrolatum
Cellulose Gel Pgpr
Cellulose Gum Phenylalanine
Cellulose Powder Phenylketonurics
Certified Organic Phosphate
Certified Organically Grown Phosphate Salts
Certified Organically Grown And Processed Phosphated
Chemical Baking Powder Phosphates
Chemical Leavenings Phosphoric Acid
Chlorine Chloride Phosphorus
Chlorophyll Phylloquinone
Cholecalciferol Phytonadione
Choline Phytosterol Esters
Choline Bitartrate Plant Stanol Esters
Choline Chloride Plant Sterol Esters
Chondroitin Sulfate Polydextrose
Chromium Polyglycerol Esters
Chromium Aspartate Polyglycerol Esters Of Fatty Acids
Chromium Chloride Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate
Chromium Phytonadione Polyglycerol Polyricinoleic Acid
Chromium Picolinate Polyglyceryl Polyricinoleate
Chromium Polynicotinate Polyglycitol Syrup
Citric Acid Polypeptides
Citric Acid Anhydrous Polyphenols
Citric Acid Powder Polyricinoleic Acid
Citric Pectin Polysorbate
Citrimax Polysorbate 60
Citron Polysorbate 65
Citrus Cloud Emulsion Polysorbate 80
Citrus Red Polysorbates
Co2 Potassium
Cobalt Carbonate Potassium Acetate
Cochineal Potassium Benzoate
Cochineal Extract Potassium Bicarbonate
Coenzyme Q-10 Potassium Bromate
Coenzyme Q10 Potassium Carbonate
Cold Pressed Potassium Caseinate
Copper Potassium Chloride
Copper Gluconate Potassium Citrate
Copper Oxide Potassium Gluconate
Copper Proteinate Potassium Hydroxide
Copper Sulfate Potassium Iodate
Corn Syrup Potassium Iodide
Corn Syrup Solids Potassium Lactate
Creatine Potassium Metabisulfite
Creatine Monohydrate Potassium Nitrate
Crypthecodinium Potassium Nitrite
Cryptoxanthin Potassium Phosphate
Crystalline Fructose Potassium Phosphate Dibasic
Crystallized Cane Juice Potassium Phosphate Monobasic
Cultured Lipolyzed Cream Potassium Sorbate
Cupric Oxide Potassium Sulfate
Cupric Sulfate Powdered Cellulose
Curcumin Probiotics
Cwp Propane
Cyanocobalamin Propellant
Cyclamate Propionic Acid
Cymbopogon Citratus Propyl Gallate
Cysteine Monohydrochloride Propyl Paraben
Cytidine 5 Monophosphate Propylene Glycol
D-Activated Animal Sterol Propylene Glycol Alginate
D-alpha Tocopherols Propylene Glycol Alginate Gum
D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Propylene Glycol Diesters
D-biotin Propylene Glycol Diesters Of Fatty Acids
D-calcium Pantothenate Propylene Glycol Esters
D-ribose Propylene Glycol Esters Of Fatty Acids
D-sorbitol Propylene Glycol Monoester
Damiana Propylene Glycol Monoesters
Damiana Extract Propylene Glycol Monoesters Of Fatty Acids
Dandelion Propylene Glycol Monostearate
DATEM Protease
Defatted Soy Flour Proteolytic Enzyme
Defluorinated Phosphate Psyllium
Dextrin Psyllium Seed Husk
Dextrose Pyridoxine
Dextrose Gum Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Dextrose Monohydrate Pyridoxine Potassium
DHA Pyrophosphate Sodium
Diacetate Quadratein
Diacetyl Quillaia Extract
Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters Of Mono And Diglycerides Quillaia Yucca Rextracts
Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters Of Monoglycerides Quinine
Diacylglycerol Quorn
Diacylglycerol Oil Red 2
Diammonium Phosphate Red 3
Dicalcium Iodate Red 4
Dicalcium Phosphate Red 40
Dimagnesium Phosphate Red 40 Aluminum Lake
Dimethyl Silicone Red 40 Lake
Dimethylpolysiloxane Rennet
Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate Retinol
Dipotassium Phosphate Retinyl Acetate
Disodium Citrate Retinyl Palmitate
Disodium Dihydrogen Pyrophosphate Reuteri
Disodium Edta Rhizome
Disodium Guanosine Monophosphate Riboflavin
Disodium Guanylate Ribose
Disodium Inosinate Ribotide
Disodium Phosphate Ribotide Takeda
Disodium Phosphate Hydrolyzed Rooibos
Disodium Pyrophosphate Rooibos Tea Solids
Disodium Ribonucleotide Roqueforti
Disodium Succinate Rose Hips Extracts
Disodium Uridine 5 Monophosphate Royal Jelly
Distilled Mono and Diglycerides S Thermophilus
Distilled Monoglycerides Saccharin
Distilled Propylene Glycol Monoesters Safrole
Dl-alanine Salatrim
Dl-alpha Tocopherols Sauterne
Dl-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate Saw Palmetto
DL-Methionine Saw Palmetto Extract
Docosahexaenoic Acid Schisandra
Dried Lecithin Schizandra Berries
Dried Soy Lecithin Schizandra Berry Extract
Echinacea Schizandra Extract
Echinacea Extract Selenium
Echinacea Extracts Selenium Pyridoxine
Echinacea Purpurea Extracts Selenomethionine
Echinacea Purpurea Flower Extract Shellac
Edible Shellac Shellac Wax
EDTA Siberian Ginseng
EGCG Siberian Ginseng Extract
Egg Albumen Siberian Ginseng Extracts
Electrolytic Iron Siberian Ginseng Root Extract
Eleutherococcus Senticosus Silica
Emblica Officinalis Silicon Dioxide
Enriched Bleached Flour Silver
Enriched Bleached Wheat Flour Simplesse
Enriched Flour Sodium 5 Ribonucleotide
Enriched Flour Bleached Sodium Acetate
Enriched High Gluten Flour Sodium Acid Phosphate
Enriched Non-bromine Bleached Flour Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate
Enriched Non-bromine Bleached Wheat Flour Sodium Acid Sulfate
Enriched Wheat Sodium Alginate
Enriched Wheat Flour Sodium Aluminosilicate
Enriched White Flour Sodium Aluminum Phosphate
Enzymogen Sodium Aluminum Pyrophosphate
Epazote Leaf Sodium Aluminum Sulfate
Epigallocatechin Gallate Sodium Ammonium Phosphate
Epmedium Leaves Extract Sodium Ascorbate
Erythorbate Sodium Ascorbate Acetate
Erythorbic Acid Sodium Benzoate
Erythritol Sodium Benzoate Flakes
Ester Gum Sodium Bicarbonate
Esters Of Fatty Acids Tartaric Acid Sodium Bisulfate
Esters Of Mono And Diglycerides Sodium Bisulfite
Esters Of Wood Rosin Sodium Calcium Alginate
Ethanol Sodium Carbonate
Ethoxylated Mono and Diglycerides Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
Ethoxyquin Sodium Caseinate
Ethyl Alcohol Sodium Chloride
Ethyl Vanillin Sodium Citrate
Ethylenediamine Dihydriodide Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin
Expeller Pressed Sodium Cyclamate
Extractives of Annatto Sodium Diacetate
Extractives Of Turmeric Sodium Dipotassium Phosphate
Extracts Of Ginseng Sodium Erythorbate
Extracts Of Siberian Ginseng Sodium Gluconate
Fd&c 050 Caramel Color Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Fd&c Blue 1 Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate
Fd&c Blue 1 Aluminum Lake Sodium Hydroxide
Fd&c Blue 1 Lake Sodium Inosinate
Fd&c Blue 2 Sodium Iodide
Fd&c Blue 2 Lake Sodium Lactate
Fd&c Red 3 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Fd&c Red 4 Sodium Metabisulfite
Fd&c Red 40 Sodium Molybdate
Fd&c Red 40 Lake Sodium Nitrate
Fd&c Yellow 5 Sodium Nitrite
Fd&c Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake Sodium Phosphate
Fd&c Yellow 5 Lake Sodium Phosphorus
Fd&c Yellow 6 Sodium Polyphosphate
Fd&c Yellow 6 Lake Sodium Propionate
Fenugreek Sodium Pyrophosphate
Fenugreek Seed Sodium Saccharin
Ferric Orthophosphate Sodium Selenate
Ferric Phosphate Sodium Selenite
Ferric Pyrophosphate Sodium Silicate
Ferrous Fumarate Sodium Silicoaluminate
Ferrous Gluconate Sodium Stearate
Ferrous Lactate Sodium Stearoyl Fumarate
Ferrous Orthophosphate Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate
Ferrous Sulfate Sodium Succinate
Ferrous Sulfite Sodium Sulfate
Flavonoids Sodium Sulfite
Flaxseed Sodium Tricalcium Phosphate
Flour Sodium Tripolyphosphate
Fluoride Sorbate
Folate Sorbic Acid
Folic Acid Sorbitan Esters Of Fatty Acids
Fractionated Sorbitan Monostearate
Fresh Sorbitan Tristearate
Fructan Sorbitol
Fructooligosaccharides Sorghum
Fructose Soy Isoflavone
Fructose Corn Syrup Soy Isolate
Fructose Corn Syrup Solids Soy Lecithin
Fructose Glucose Syrup Soy Protein
Fructose Sugar Soy Protein Concentrate
Fructose Syrup Soy Protein Isolate
Fruitcal Soy Tocopherols
Fully Hydrogenated Spirulina
Fumaric Acid Splenda
Fungal Amylase St Johns Wort
Fungal Enzymes St Johns Wort Extract
Furcelleran Gum Starch
Galanga Stearic Acid
Galangal Stevia
Galangal Root Streptococcus Thermophilus
Garcinia Cambogia Sucanat
Garcinia Cambogia Extract Succinic Acid
Garcinia Cambogia Rind Extract Sucralose
Garcinia Cambogia Root Extract Sucrose
GDL Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate
Gelatin Sucrose Esters Of Fatty Acids
Gelatine Sucrose Syrup
Gellan Gum Sulfites
Ghatti Gum Sulfiting Agents
Giardiniera Sulfur
Ginkgo Sulfur Dioxide
Ginkgo Biloba Sultanas
Ginkgo Biloba Extract Tagatose
Ginkgo Biloba Extracts Tannic Acid
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract Tara Gum
Ginkgo Extract Tartaric Acid
Ginseng Tartrates
Ginseng Extract Taurine
Ginseng Root TBHQ
Glacial Acetic Acid Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate
Glucono Delta Lactone Tetrasodium Diphosphate
Gluconolactone Tetrasodium Phosphate
Glucosamine Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate
Glucosamine Hydrochloride Textured Soy Flour
Glucose Textured Soy Protein
Glucose Fructose Textured Soy Protein Concentrate
Glucose Fructose Syrup Textured Vegetable Protein
Glucose Polymers Textured Wheat Gluten
Glucose Syrup Textured Wheat Protein
Glucuronolactone Thiamin
Glutamate Thiamin Chloride Hydrochloride
Glutamates Thiamin Hydrochloride
Glutamic Acid Thiamin Monohydrate
Glycerin Thiamin Mononitrate
Glycerine Thiamin Mononitrite
Glycerol Titanium Dioxide
Glycerol Abietate Titanium Oxide
Glycerol Ester Tocopherol
Glycerol Esters Of Wood Rosin Tocopherols
Glycerol Lacto Esters Of Fatty Acids Tocopherols Acid
Glycerol Moisturizers Tocopheryl Acetate
Glycerol Monooleate Torula Yeast
Glycerol Monostearate Tragacanth Gum
Glycerol Triacetate Trans Fat
Glyceryl Abietate Trehalose
Glyceryl Lacto Esters Of Fatty Acids Triacetin
Glyceryl Monooleate Tricalcium Citrate
Glyceryl Monostearate Tricalcium Lactate
Glyceryllacto Esters Of Fatty Acids Tricalcium Phosphate
Glycine Triglycerides
Gotu Kola Tripolyphosphate
Gotu Kola Extract Tripotassium Phosphate
Green 3 Trisodium Citrate
Green Food Color Trisodium Phosphate
Ground Sassafras Leaf Trisodium Polyphosphate
Guanabana Puree Triticale
Guar Gum Turbinado Sugar
Guarana Turmeric
Guarana Extract Turmeric Extract
Guarana Seed Extract Unbleached Enriched Bromated Flour
Guarana Seed Extractives Unenriched Bleached Flour
Gum Arabic Unenriched White Flour
Gum Ghatti Unmodified Glutamate
Heptylparaben Uridine 5 Monophosphate
Hexasodium Metaphosphate Valerian
High Amylase Cornstarch Valerian Root Extract
High Chromium Yeast Valine
High Fructose Corn Syrup Vanillin
High Fructose Corn Syrup Solids Vegetable Gum
High Maltose Corn Syrup Vegetable Shortening
High Maltose Corn Syrup Solids Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer
Hsh Vital Wheat Gluten
HVP Vitamin A
Hydrated Monoglycerides Vitamin A Acetate
Hydrochloric Acid Vitamin A Acetate
Hydrogenated Vitamin A Palmate
Hydrogenated Glucose Syrup Vitamin A Palmitate
Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates Vitamin B Complex
Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Vitamin B1
Hydrolyzed (Soy, Corn and Wheat) Proteins Vitamin B1 Hydrochloride
Hydrolyzed Casein Vitamin B12
Hydrolyzed Corn Gluten Vitamin B2
Hydrolyzed Corn Protein Vitamin B3
Hydrolyzed Glutamate Vitamin B5
Hydrolyzed Gluten Vitamin B6
Hydrolyzed Glutens Vitamin B6 Hydrochloride
Hydrolyzed Protein Vitamin B9
Hydrolyzed Soy Gluten Vitamin C
Hydrolyzed Soy Protein Vitamin C Palmitate
Hydrolyzed Soybean Glutamate Vitamin D
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Vitamin D Palmitate
Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten Vitamin D12
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Vitamin D2
Hydroxylated Lecithin Vitamin D3
Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Vitamin D3 Palmate
Ice Structuring Protein Vitamin E
Ilex Paraguariensis Vitamin E Acetate
Illipe Butter Vitamin E Sulfate
Illipe Oil Vitamin K
Imitation Vitamin K1
Inositol Wheat Flour
Interesterified Wheat Gluten
Inulin Whey
Inulin Fiber Whey Protein
Invert Cane Syrup Whey Protein Concentrate
Invert Sugar Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Invert Sugar Syrup Whey Protein Isolate
Invert Syrup Withana Somniffer
Invertase Withania Somnifera
Inverted Sugar Xanthan Gum
Iodate Xanthan Powder
Iodine Xylitol
Iron Yellow 1
Iron Carbonate Yellow 5
Iron Dioxide Yellow 5 Aluminum Lake
Iron Oxide Yellow 5 Lake
Iron Phosphate Yellow 6
Iron Phosphates Yellow 6 Aluminum Lake
Iron Pyrophosphate Yellow 6 Lake
Isobutane Yerba Mate
Isolated Soy Protein Yerba Mate Extract
Isoleucine Yerba Mate Leaf Extract
Isomalt Zinc
K-carmine Zinc Chloride
K-gelatin Zinc Citrate
Karaya Gum Zinc Gluconate
Kava Kava Zinc Methionine Sulfate
Kava Kava Extract Zinc Oxide
Kelp Zinc Phosphate
Kikurage Zinc Picolinate
Kimchi Zinc Proteinate
Koji Zinc Sulfate
Kola Nut
Kombu Seaweed
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